Why are taurus and aquarius not compatible?

In short, Taurus and Aquarius imagine different futures and their goals are just incompatible. Taurus is afraid of the originality that forms a big part of the Aquarius personality and Aquarius on the other hand feels bound to a cage by Taurus’ jealousy and traditional views.

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Once they start doing so, Aquarius compatibility with Taurus can be made better. Aquarius and Taurus are entirely different with Aquarius dates starting from January 21 to February 18 and that of Taurus starting from April 20 to May 21. Yet, when signs that are most compatible with Aquarius are discussed, Taurus in never left behind.

For Aquarius, you may find Taurus hard to get along with. “Taurus is more relationship-oriented than freedom-seeking Aquarius, which causes trust issues for Taurus,” Stardust says. If the two of you can’t find ways to find trust , you won’t get along .

Is Taurus compatible with Aquarius in love?

Taurus is good with practical matters, and this is good for Aquarius, who struggles with earthly matters. Taurus may find Aquarius too idea-oriented and might be unnerved by the off-the-wall thought patterns of the Waterbearer.

What is the difference between Aquarius and Taurus relationships?

Taurus are going to end up feeling neglected and unloved. The biggest difference between these zodiac signs is that Taurus want to settle down and get into a routine with their partner. Meanwhile, an Aquarius wants to live an unattached, unpredictable life.

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Taurus is a very physical lover—hands on and sensual. Aquarius, on the other hand, gets off from mental foreplay.

For example, the Taurus admires how the Aquarius is all the time generous, while the Aquarius loves the Taurus for having great common sense. The Aquarius can make friends with so many people that he or she, at some point, is no longer able to keep track of them.

In order to build the subtle trust, Taurus needs to be brave and stop thinking about the consequences of everything they say, while Aquarius needs to let go of their righteous attitude and be careful about the way their Taurus partner feels in their presence.

Why do Taurus and Leo not get along?

“Taurus moves at a steadier pace than Leo, who blasts forward quickly, making it hard for the Bull to catch their breath, which causes frustrations between the two,” Stardust says. You may feel like Taurus can’t keep up The second sign you may struggle to get along with is Scorpio.

So, what is Taurus’s problem with Gemini?

Taurus has a similar problem with Gemini as they have with Aries. Gemini likes to be busy with a million new and different things every day. Taurus much prefers the comfortable and familiar.

Guilt and self-criticism is the most difficult trait of Taurus, and one Aquarius is free from, finding it obsolete. This strict Aquarius opinion will scare Taurus to the point where they feel it is impossible to tell how they feel. This will end in a circle of lies and mistrust that cannot be repaired.