What aquarius women want in a man?

An Aquarius woman is impressed by generosity in a man. If you wish to win her, you need to support a cause which is much close to her heart. She likes people who do the generous work, or at least support such work. Trying new things is something an Aquarius woman likes.

What does an aquarius man want in a woman?

But Aquarius men also want a woman who is the full package. They tend to be intellectual and deep thinkers, and they want a woman with whom they can have deep conversation. A woman who makes witty comments or has interesting opinions on political topics are sure to catch his attention.

An Aquarius man is someone who really wants to connect with you but they can be detached in their own emotions. A natural analyst, they love knowing people but at the same time, he will not be a fan of you prying into his business! As mentioned, he likes to build that friendship first and is very keen on making a lifelong connection.

There are things you need to keep in mind when it comes to the Aquarius man when you’re in a relationship with him… He takes a while to get comfortable with someone so be patient. Don’t try to rush him or pressure him in any way no matter how frustrated you become. Aquarius man wants solitude from time to time.

What attracts Aquarius men to a woman?

Women who are warm and lively have a clear advantage over others when it comes to a relationship with an Aquarius man. Aquarius men love women with warm feminine traits that can complement their masculine traits. The warm and lively emotions can easily penetrate the cold outer shell of an Aquarius man.

Aquarians really appreciate anyone who stands out from the crowd, and he will love a woman who is able to be who she is without caring what other people think. Don’t be tempted to be someone that you are not, as honesty and authenticity are very important to the Aquarius man.

Cruelty is something an Aquarius woman hates. If you are cruel to animals or humans, you will never get a place in her life. An Aquarius woman doesn’t like misery.

What kind of Man does an Aquarius man like?

Innovative, unconventional, and eccentric Aquarians often have to defend their opinions against a narrow-minded opposition, so you need to have a quick and open mind to keep this man at your side. His first contact with most women will be intellectual rather than physical, and it’s very rare he will want to kiss someone he cannot talk to.

His first contact with most women will be intellectual rather than physical, and it’s very rare he will want to kiss someone he cannot talk to. The key to seducing an Aquarius man is by stimulating his mind . He gets turned on by new approaches, and he will love your most creative expressions of thought and ideas.

He is curious about a lady’s personality and he likes wooing .

Are Aquarius men hard to love?

Aquarius men are probably the most difficult to pin down or understand when it comes to romance. This intelligent, creative, freedom-loving, rule-breaker is worth pursuing, but if you are looking for a serious relationship, then you may need to forget everything you thought you knew about love.

The reason is, he sees this as an intrusion on his freedom. Aquarius man loves his freedom in his life enough to not get hooked up with someone who wants to steal it from him . He would prefer to be with someone who will let him be who he is without giving him a hard time.

Mr. Aquarius cannot stand emotional drama, neediness, and insecurity, and any attempt to deceive or manipulate him will never go down well. Tantrums, demands, and unreasonable challenges will have him running for the door. Do not push this man for a commitment .

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You’ve got to know the common signs an Aquarius man is falling in love with you. One of the unusual signs of an Aquarius man in love is his decreased absence . He will still disappear, in typical Aquarius man fashion. Yet he’ll come back sooner. If you ignore an Aquarius man when he disappears, he’ll be back.