Are tarot readings bad?

In themselves, Tarot cards are not bad but there are some cards which represent negative situations, such as The 5 of Swords or 10 of Swords and this is why a lot of people think Tarot in itself is bad. However, Tarot cards only symbolize crappy situations, they do not make them happen! All Tarot cards can be read with a positive slant.

When Tarot readers try to rush or do readings beyond their current capabilities , they fail. On the other hand, Tarot cards are always right because they are a direct message from your Soul or unconscious mind and beings who want the best for you. Conclusion – Do tarot cards really work? The short answer is: YES!

Tarot card reading depends upon how much the reader is capable of picking up the signs . It is not a science like astrology. So, there is no guarantee that whatever you predict is going to happen or has happened. It is much more an art than it is science.

Do online tarot card readings really work?

Because there are, and we cannot differentiate when it’s true or not because we can’t measure it, tarot card readings are not always accepted ., and absolutely not. A tarot card reading is not magic. It is a method of projecting one’s unconscious knowledge and feelings into a card.

Can tarot cards be read positively?

All Tarot cards can be read with a positive slant . Most Tarot readers see even negative cards as a good thing because these represent something which is bad for you leaving your life. Bad cards often proceed fresh starts and changes for the better.

Tarot cards can be accurate if we understand the symbolism of the cards, and if we have some command of our unrecognised senses. If you’ve ever been in a difficult situation and didn’t know which decision to make, then you’ve probably wondered if a free online tarot card reading can help you. The answer is no.

If you come to a Tarot reading feeling tired, down or anxious , it can effect the cards you choose and the way you interpret them. Imagine you’re getting ready for a super hot date – would you show up all smelly, bedraggled and cranky?

This begs the inquiry “Will the accidental tarot card appear again during a reading?”

The answer is that There is a good chance that it will appear again during your reading . If it reappears, it is an important card to learn from. However, don’t get hung up about these accidental cards; sometimes they are just accidents. This article is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge.

In it, the first are will represent you ( the querent ). The second card would be an indication of forces that work for you and against you. The third card deals with the root of the issue that you are facing, and it progresses down to the last card which tells you the outcome of your question.

Yes, many people use tarot cards to predict the future . However, I feel that the future is constantly shifting based on the decisions you make every day so it’s maybe not the best use. Sure, we get a snapshot of where we are headed and a good overview of what the conditions are like.

Tarot is perfect for self-development , making choices, manifesting goals, coaching others, planning a business, writing a book, meditating—you name it. While many people believe that Tarot will tell you the future, making predictions are not really what Tarot cards are about.

Does tarot really work?

The short answer is: YES! The important point to take away from this post is that Tarot cards REALLY work because they are nothing more than a language, a symbol. The message comes from your Soul (or unconscious mind) and Higher Planes. Then it will never be wrong or “not work” .

How does the Tarot work?

The Tarot works with your energy . When you shuffle Tarot cards, your energy is being channeled into the cards so that when you select the cards for your reading, you’re being drawn to the cards that are most relevant for you. Each Tarot reading is unique to you in that moment and time, because it’s tapping into your energy.

The tarot can be brutally honest but sometimes we need that ‘friend’ who really tells us how it is and pulls us into line. The cards and card combinations reflect every possible human and spiritual experience we can have. I often think of tarot like a mirror that is reflecting these experiences back at us.