What tarot deck should I start with?

The Radiant Rider-Waite is an updated and more vibrant version of the classic Rider-Waite Tarot. The Rider-Waite is what most Tarot books, decks, and systems are based from, so it’s hands down the best deck for beginners .

The rider-waite tarot deck is one of the most traditional tarot decks that you can buy. This means that it is perfect for beginners as almost every tarot reader out there will be familiar with this deck and its interpretations.

What is the best tarot deck to learn with?

I first learned with the Rider Waite and this is still my number 1 go to deck for readings. I have collected a number of beautiful decks over time and definitely use them all but the Rider Waite is the one that I always come back to. Some will say that you can’t buy a deck and you must be given a deck by somebody else. I say baloney!

Tarot Decks can come in many sizes, including oversized cards to give the images full center stage, or miniature sized decks for portability and smaller hands . Standard decks are about 7cm x 12cm (2.75 inches x 4.75 inches), but you may prefer smaller or larger decks.

One of the next things we wondered was: how do I find a tarot deck that I connect with?

The most usefull answer is; i think it’s important that you find a deck that you connect with. Do some research and find a deck you have a connection with. Look for a deck that has imagery that you love and symbolism that you jumps out to you. One thing you will notice once you start diving into tarot is that everybody has a different opinion about what is right and wrong.

What are the best tarot cards for beginners?

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One question we ran across in our research was “Is the Robin Wood tarot deck good for beginners?”.

The imagery in the robin wood tarot deck is so descriptive, and designed in a way that makes the cards very easy to intuitively read. This deck is not quite as traditional as the rider-waite, however many people connect to these images even more. This deck is therefore a great deck for beginners who aren’t fans of the rider-waite decks.

How to read tarot cards for beginners?

Take a good look at the Tarot cards within a specific deck. Go through them one-by-one or, if you’re viewing them online, find as many images as possible via Google or even Instagram (just search for #fountaintarot, for example).

Should you have more than one Tarot deck?

Many readers often have more than one tarot deck, each with their own voice and particular topic that they excel at. Sometimes, if you’re feeling particularly vulnerable, you may want a deck that is more compassionate and kind . Other times, you may want a tarot deck that lays out the truth in simple, frank terms.

Another common query is “Are all tarot decks the same?”.

Our answer is that tarot decks also oftentimes come with themes as well. Whether it’s cats, dragons or vampires, there’s likely a tarot deck that exists out there for it. If you find yourself drawn to the same deck over and over again, follow your instincts and go for it. It may be rather confusing for new readers to know that not all spiritual card decks are tarot .

It may be rather confusing for new readers to know that not all spiritual card decks are tarot . There are Lenormand decks, and oracle cards, and they are very different from the tarot, even though they are used in similar ways.

Modern decks have an easier reading and focus on positivity, while traditional decks give an in-depth reading , and a few may be interpreted negatively to mean an inevitable tragedy or give a warning. It’s best to have a couple of decks as opposed to having one deck style.