How do tarot cards get reversed?

Next, you need to get some reversed cards into your Tarot deck. My favourite method is to cut the deck into three piles. Turn one pile from top to toe, 180 degrees, so that those upright cards will become reversed cards, and vice versa. Then put all the piles back together and shuffle.

The most common answer is, the only way to get reversed Tarot cards is by shuffling the upright Tarot cards in a manner that the reversed order of some Tarot cards sandwich between the upright Tarot cards while you are performing a reading. If you want to obtain reversed Tarot card in your deck, then you must be shuffling cards by cutting the deck into three piles.

Reversed Tarot cards are cards that inadvertently appear upside down in a Tarot spread. They can show up in a Tarot reading when the reader has chosen a method of shuffling the card deck that allows the cards to go upside-down. In addition to their positioning, the difference between reversed cards and upright cards is how they are interpreted.

Can tarot cards be reversed?

The most common interpretation that your mind may go to is the simplest one. All Tarot cards have keywords that help to describe their meanings, so you may consider that the reversed meaning of the card could also be simply opposite to its upright meaning.

On the other hand, reversed Tarot cards are internally expressed energy. That is, energy that is held within ourselves or that is more private or even secretive. For example, the upright Empress may represent taking care of others, whereas the reversed Empress may represent taking care of yourself.

What are the benefits of reversed tarot cards?

They can also provide clarity if you enjoy doing ‘yes or no’ Tarot readings. Reversed Tarot cards will allow you to easily identify the ‘no’s (whereas upright Tarot cards will show a ‘yes’). And for more advanced Tarot readers, reading with reversals offers a new way of working with the Tarot cards,.

An Example of Reversals in a Tarot Reading. The Empress is a card representing a beautiful woman who likely has many admirers. This may very well represent you, the reader, or the 2 The Knight of Cups, Reversed.

Are tarot card meanings reversed?

It is often assumed that the meanings are just the opposite of an upright tarot card meaning, but it is not so with all the cards. Most of the reversed meanings are negative traits and situations. For a better understanding of the tarot card meanings reversed, here’s a list you would like to go through.

You could be thinking “What does it mean when a tarot card is upside down?”

One source stated if a Tarot card appears in the reversed position, look at the imagery of that upside-down card and see what comes to you intuitively. For example, in the Ten of Swords reversed, it appears as if the swords are falling out of the man’s back.

What does the opposite of the upright tarot card mean?

Opposite meaning of the upright Tarot card. Many Tarot readers who use reversals simply believe the reversed Tarot card delivers the exact opposite message of the upright card. For example, if The Devil card shows up in a reading it can indicate being trapped, whereas the reversed Devil card can indicate being set free.

Turn one pile from top to toe, 180 degrees, so that those upright cards will become reversed cards, and vice versa. Then put all the piles back together and shuffle. Then do the reading.

What does the Knight of Cups reversed mean in tarot?

However, in its reversed state, it can mean someone who initially seems too good to be true – they may seem romantic and genuine at first, but this may simply be an act. Perhaps the Knight of Cups reversed can represent a person who has issues with commitment. Make sure to check out The Top 10 Tarot Cards for Love!