How much does a tarot reading cost?

The cost of a tarot reading can vary due to many factors such as the length of the reading, experience and reputation of the reader. A rough average estimated cost for a tarot reading would be $30 ,- for a 30 minute session. There are many different possible ways tarot readers can choose to set their price structures.

You can go to the American Tarot Association, for which I am Senior Reader, and get a free One Card or Three Card Reading. $50/hr is usually pretty standard, or $1/minute. Some readers charge more or less depending on skill level & demand. Best of luck 🙂 There are many quality responses to this question.

How much do tarot card readers make per reading?

A quick 15-minute reading that you do for walk-ins at the fair can earn $20 each. For more in-depth readings ordered by regular clients, you can charge $60 to $80 per hour. If you have broken into the wealthy clientele, some celebrities pay up to $500 per hour for their personal tarot reader. How much profit can a tarot reading business make?

However, someone who is just in the beginning stages of their reading practice may charge a lower rate because they don’t have the experience or background to support a higher fee . Brigit at Biddy Tarot, an excellent resource for readers, says new Tarot readers often undervalue their services because they’re trying to build their business:.

For Tarot It depends on how many cards you offer. I do a 3 card, 5 card and a 10 card spread . I normally charge $15.00 for three card, $25.00 for 5 card and $50.00 for a detailed 10 card spread For Etsy, the fees are way, way lower. You have to check other listings to see what is per norm but I see the general is between £2.50 and £3.00.

One source proposed patti Negri of Los Angeles charges $100 for 30 minutes, $150 for 45 minutes and $200 for 60 minutes. Card Readings by Susan in San Antonio, Texas, charges $50 for one hour.

Is it possible to get a free tarot reading?

I would offer a few free readings at first. Good readers will have the accuracy of their readings spread quickly from one person to another. Big believer in the power of the ultimate mystery–the mind. How can you make money as an online tarot reader? Please list the steps needed in order to be successful .

How to start reading tarot cards for beginners?

For just a starting reader, there would be a few tasks available for her to do. At first, it’s going to be about how to select the initial card deck . They might seem a little bit daunting at the first time sensing. However, things will go smoothly as long as you choose the right deck.