Why does aquarius man keep coming back?

An Aquarius man will often come back to an ex if they are looking great. This is down to the artistic and creative ways that makes them look for the beautiful things in their lives. Physical attraction is a big thing for them, so if you want him back, make sure you always look great when you spend time in each other’s company.

The short answer is: yes. Aquarian men will come back to a relationship when it suits them to. Their hot and cold persona can have them changing their minds on a whim.

Why do Aquarius men have a hard time letting go?

Once Aquarius really likes a person (he will never admit it’s love), he has the hardest time letting go. He actually can’t move on. The reason for this is that you must be special to him. Aquarius men are picky when it comes to liking someone.

Do Aquarius men come back after breakup?

Aquarius men may need some time to come back, but they are definitely a star sign that will happily return to a relationship that they think hasn’t ended completely. They are happy to give things another go which is something to keep in mind if you are trying to get back with your Aquarius man.

Another thing we asked ourselves was; why do Aquarius men dip out of relationships so often?

One of the common reasons Aquarius men dip out of a relationship is that they want to feel free again. He might still like you but started to feel trapped by your relationship dynamic.

Does the Aquarius man count the years we’ve known each other?

The Aquarius man is an expert at popping in & out of one’s life, always when you least expect it, they show up! And it wouldn’t surprise me if he’s counting the years and months you guys have known each other. So there is nothing wrong here. It’s typical behavior. Typical and as you can read, we’ve all been through it some way or another.

Why does a Taurus man keep coming back to you?

Taurus is one of those zodiac signs that needs constant grounding and support to make a relationship last for a very long time. When he keeps coming back to you, it’s because he sees those traits within you. And trust me when I say that Taurus is very discerning.