Why does an aquarius male ignore you?

If the Aquarius man you’re interested in doesn’t know you like him; he’ll simply just blow you off in ignorance. He isn’t the most astute men even if he is highly intellectual. He’s the type of guy that is literal. Unless he knows you like him or finds him interesting; he’ll simply ignore you because he doesn’t know any better .

Aquarius have a tendency to put up walls around them, which can be scary for those who find themselves on the outside of it. If you find yourself at crossroads with an ignoring Aquarius man, it’s usually best to let them be . Give him time and space because most often, that is all they need.

This is what I ran into. If you’ve just had a big blow-up, argument, or he’s found out something you’ve done and is now pissed off; that’s why Aquarius man ignores you. While the Aquarius man can sometimes spew things that are angry and mean; he doesn’t always mean it at the time .

If you are already dating an Aquarius man and he’s ignoring you, there is that possibility that you did something that crossed a line for him and so in retribution he’s giving you the silent treatment. Often times an Aquarius man has to get his thoughts together before he’ll sit and discuss it with you.

Why do Aquarius men disappear for no reason?

As if they’re under the spotlight with no place to hide and no sanctuary for introspection. As a result, they are notorious for disappearing acts . Think of this as an Aquarius man coming up for air after feeling stifled or stepping away to remain connected to his personal interests, private life or other friends.

Do Aquarius men get angry and mean?

While the Aquarius man can sometimes spew things that are angry and mean; he doesn’t always mean it at the time. So if he can possibly help it, he’d rather go spend time alone and figure it out for himself then come back to it.

Why does an Aquarius man go cold in a relationship?

When an Aquarius man goes cold in a relationship it’s usually due to one following reasons: He’s lost interest in you . The Aquarian guy goes where the fun, excitement, and adventure is. He’s easily bored and needs mental and analytical stimulation. He’ll jump ship when things don’t go the way he wants.

One idea is that speaking of depth, you may want to take note of whether your deeper feelings have been seeping through. The paradox of the Aquarius man is that although he is highly sensitive, he has disdain for emotional issues. He wants to know that you are sensitive , but he isn’t equipped to be the shoulder you cry on.

Aquarius man and jealousy doesn’t work well but ignoring can still work on them. However, since an Aquarius man is unpredictable, this could be a bit risky. Only do this if you have tried other methods of getting his interest.