How to beat an aquarius man at his own game?

The first tip for how to beat an Aquarius man at his own game is to be yourself . While Aquarians are notoriously shy and aloof, they are also very inquisitive. Be ready to debate his points of view and he will find you incredibly intriguing. You’ll be able to keep him engaged in the conversation and captivated by your unique personality.

This is what we learned. show your Aquarius guy that two can play that game by being just as spontaneous and unpredictable as he is. Just when he thinks he knows everything about you, show him a side of yourself he’s never seen before. Aquarians get bored easily, so keeping him on his toes is sure to mystify and attract him.

How do aquarius fight?

When Aquarians are trying to get their revenge , they’re giving their opponents a harsh talk and can blow them up without thinking twice. Most of the time, they’re saying their enemies have bad forces surrounding them and that they want to stay away from such characters.

You see, aquarius (January 20–February 18): Be willing to lose. It’s possible to win an argument with people born under Aquarius if you can somehow prove that your way is more cutting edge than theirs . They insist on being trailblazers. My boyfriend is an Aquarius, and he insists he was the first person to wear his hair in an Afro.

When having to deal with a situation the right way , they’re doing it in an elegant manner. Aquarians don’t like to show their emotions to others, so when interacting, they’re having the smoothest conversations and are being composed.

How do Aquarius people get their revenge?

People born under Aquarius are sociable and wish to be loved by everyone. When looking to get their revenge, they want to still be seen as innocent , not to mention they can give up on projects that they’re no longer having enough energy for. These people are employing all sort of social tactics to make others feel embarrassed.

Aquarians don’t like to show their emotions to others, so when interacting, they’re having the smoothest conversations and are being composed . They can later say they’ve benefited from all the space they needed in order to handle their emotions, but their feelings are most of the time kept for their own thoughts.

Also, how do Aquarius get angry?

Aquarians are angered by facing prejudice and having to explain themselves to people who don’t even wish to understand them. Aquarians are free thinkers and always ready to go with what life has to offer them. What’s bothering and making others angry doesn’t bother them very much.

Will an aquarius man fight for his love?

When an Aquarius man is falling in love he is fighting his emotions balanced against his logical thinking . He may not initially say those three magical words but he will not be able to hide the body language and the way he acts towards someone special.

Although they may not appear to be paying attention, Aquarians are actually quite perceptive when it comes to reading people. You can play mind games by not showing an Aquarius how you feel .

One of the next things we asked ourselves was can an Aquarius man settle down?

Here is what we discovered. While he can certainly settle down , an Aquarius man loves to have his fun. Don’t be surprised if he seems like a complete flirt at first. He loves to flirt and have fun, and he brings this playful demeanor to all of his relationships.

Our answer was but for the Aquarius man is many different other things. What’s important is that when he likes someone, everything comes from his heart. The man born in this sign would rarely cheat . If he agrees to be with you, you can be sure he won’t try other women. When you are with him, you start to view the world the way he views it.

Another thing we wondered was, is an Aquarius man not into you if he disagrees?

Don’t assume that just because he disagrees with you that it’s one of the signs that an Aquarius man is not into you . In fact, it can mean the exact opposite.

Also, what are Aquarius men like in love?

When you come across an Aquarius man, one of the first things you will notice is his constantly churning state of mind. It seems like his mind is in constant movement as he sorts through his many plans and ideas. At heart, an Aquarius man in love is a thinker . He is always thinking of new things to create, do or accomplish.

If you are starting a relationship with an Aquarius man, keep a few things in mind. Remember: your Aquarius will probably have a hard time saying, “ I love you .” For an Aquarius, actions speak louder than words. He is also not someone who says “I love you” unless he is 110 percent sure that he means it.