Are virgos bottoms?

Bottoms: Cancer, Pisces, Libra Acts like a Top but is a bottom: Aquarius, Sagittarius, Aries Acts like bottom but is a Top: Gemini, Virgo, Capricorn.

When you meet a Virgo, you’ll notice their practical personality, but if you don’t know this zodiac sign well, you might think the person is mean. They are forthright and all-business . But, if you’re looking for niceties, at the wrong moment, you’ll not get what you’re looking for. Why are Virgos so mean?

What many people tend to overlook when it comes to Virgos, is that they have a creative side . Many people stereotype them as geeky scientific nerds who don’t have an artistic bone in their bodies, but this is actually quite far from true.

Astrology has a lot to say about your energy levels, daily routine, and willingness to go against the grain. Those born with placements in Aries, Gemini, Virgo, or Pisces tend to function on a whole different level, thus making them that much more prone to being night owls .

Because of their shyness, Virgos like to stay in places they’re most comfortable with . They’d rather spend a night in than go out and party in a club, even among friends. They also prefer things they know they’d like, meaning they don’t like to try new foods or experiences.

They can find patterns where there are none . They can be finicky and critical to a fault. It’s true that Virgos are very particular, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that they keep neat spaces. Their particularities and habits don’t necessarily line up with traditional views of cleanliness.

While some Virgos are great at sports , most people with this zodiac do their best to avoid strenuous physical activities such as football. Virgos know their strengths and stick to them.

What do virgos eat?

Beef is the best protein for representatives of zodiac sign Virgo. Virgos are quiet and gentle and do not like to be eye-catching. So the best foods for them is less exotic fruits – apricots, peaches and white grapes, and of vegetables – Chinese cabbage, celery, and peas.

What foods do Virgo’s Eat?

A deficiency may also lead to extreme fatigue and constipation. Foods high in this mineral that Virgoans need are green leafy vegetables , whole wheat and whole grain breads, wheat germ oil, oats, almonds, cheese, oranges, bananas, lemons, lean beef and lamb.

Virgoans possess a fussy digestive system, and suffer from indigestion, gas pains, ulcers, liver upsets, colitis, and bowel problems. Virgoans tend to worry about their health & sometimes tend to be hypochondriacs . Virgo’s ruling planet Mercury has dominion over the brain and the nervous system,.

Avoid: It is sad to say, but chocolate is better to avoid for Virgos. It isn’t healthy for skin and digestive system. Virgo should be careful with medications and take them only after consultation with physician. It isn’t useful for Virgos to eat very spicy, hot and seasoned food .

Which zodiac signs are most prone to being a night owl?

Those born with placements in Aries, Gemini, Virgo , or Pisces tend to function on a whole different level, thus making them that much more prone to being night owls. Here’s why: Is it any surprise that Aries can keep themselves going even when they’re exhausted?

The chosen answer is speaking as someone who’s always identified with the sleep schedule of a vampire, there’s something so magical about the night that you just can’t find during the day. When the rest of the world is asleep, there’s so much peace. You can connect with your fellow night owls in your own little world and be free .

Even if they’ve got somewhere important to be in the morning, a night owl loves the evening so much, they don’t want to — or simply can’t — sleep through it. Chances are, the people in their lives are constantly confused by their nocturnal ways because, truth be told, it’s an exhausting way to live.

In 2018, she and her colleagues found night owls were more likely to die at an earlier age than morning larks. But, being a night owl doesn’t mean you are doomed to a shorter life span . “I hope that people don’t conclude that there’s something inherently unhealthy about being a night owl, because there’s not,” Knutson says.