Why is virgo jealous?

With the Virgo, it is more about knowing how to shower her with love. Most of the time, jealousy in a Virgo woman appears because she is afraid to be cheated on. She completely rejects this thought and just mentioning it makes her feel down, less confident and also obsessive.

While reading we ran into the question “Are Virgo men jealous and jealous?”.

Jealousy in a Virgo man is a sign of insecurity , and let’s be honest sometimes it is instigated by a woman if she feels insecure and is looking for more attention from her guy. Trying to make a Virgo man jealous is something that can backfire badly because this zodiac sign puts a lot of emphasis on trust.

Virgo men are more possessive than jealous. He’s incredibly loyal and he expects his significant other to respect that and be loyal as well. If he’s starting to feel tinges of jealousy, he might indirectly try to address it by discussing the notions around loyalty and trust in relationships.

So in short, yes, Virgo men can get jealous but when they do; they try not to make it very obvious. If your Virgo man completely trusts you, he will believe in you and jealousy will be a lot lower. This is something a Virgo man typically will have whether he gets jealous or not.

When having insecurities and feeling jealousy, the Virgos won’t say a thing. They quietly analyze the situation and decide if it is time for a breakup. There are Virgos who enjoy making their partner jealous . They play this game in which they make the partner feel like he or she is on the second place.

What is a Virgo man’s weakness?

Virgo men are sensitive and can sometimes be intuitive. They can tell when another man wants their woman. So he will not take it out on you as though it’s your fault thankfully. He doesn’t like it when he feels jealous so he tries his best to keep it under wraps. This is something that is perceived as a weakness.

Another thing we wondered was: is your Virgo man acting weird around your friends?

You’ve noticed that your Virgo man is a bit uncomfortable when you’re around your male friends. Maybe your Virgo guy is trying to keep you all to himself. If he’s acting weird when it comes to your time; here is some information to help you. Are Virgo men possessive or jealous? The short answer is: they are not typically all that jealous.

They have high integrity and if you’re not doing anything wrong; they’ll see that but they will still harbor anger toward the other person who seemingly was trying to get more from you than friendship. Virgo men are sensitive and can sometimes be intuitive. They can tell when another man wants their woman.