Are taurus men players?

Sometimes, a Taurus man may just be a player . He’s romantic and sensual and fears commitment. Thus, being a player can be easy for him because it appeals to his desire for pleasure without being serious. If your Taurus love interest is a player, he will intentionally play hard to get.

Investment Banking A Taurus is great with money. No one is a better fit for investment banking than a Taurus. They have a knack for taking care of another person’s money and making it grow as if it were their own.

There are players though and if he cannot even call you by your name or stare into your eyes, he’s using you .

But a Taurus in love with you is loyal to a fault . He’ll defend your honor if anyone dares to talk badly about you behind your back. If it’s a choice between you and pretty much everyone else, you come first. A Taurus man is not going to drop you over nothing.

When I was writing we ran into the inquiry “How do Taurus men communicate?”.

He may reach out to you and then go weeks without talking or texting. Yes, Taurus men are horrible at communication via text or calls but; he will still keep in contact unless he’s playing with you. When a Taurus man is in love or wants to be with someone; he will go to the ends of the earth to show her.

This is one of the worst offenses that Taurus man commits . He has a way of roping a woman into bed then treating her as though she’s only a friend. He’ll tell her things she wants to hear in bed and be generous. He will then turn around and not call her for days or weeks on end.

Where do Taurus’s work?

Taurus employees can thrive in many work environments, from offices and studios to retail shops and the great outdoors . Workplaces with an established routine are reassuring to the inflexible Taurus.

Taurus career and occupation?

10 Best Professions for a Taurus

Artist. Detail-oriented Taurus people with a serious creative streak could shine in a career with an artistic bent. The pragmatism of the reliable Taurus is an asset in the financial industry. Decorator, fashion designer, cashier, and bank teller are a couple more items to take a look at.

Another popular question is “What is Taurus’s future career path based on their personality?”.

Here is what my research found. in terms of Taurus future career, he/she has a very domineering attitude . They see themselves as better than other people. Even though they might seem very silent and peaceful, Taurus also has a furious side. As a boss, Taurus will continuously remind others of their place.

What are the different types of Taurus professions?

Taurus professions run the gamut from CEO to perfume designer . With a keen business sense and an eye for artistry, Taurus has the capacity to succeed in many careers. Taurus, the fixed Earth sign of the zodiac is ruled by Venus.

You might be thinking “What are the best jobs for Taurus creatives?”

Several industries rely on hardworking visionaries for jobs such as graphic artist, production artist, visual effects artist, and even video game artist . Each of these professions is a great opportunity for Taurus creatives to show off their talents.

Can taurus be a doctor?

Taurus is persevering, faithful, reliable individuals willing to take on difficult paths. You don’t shy away from responsibilities and therefore are fit to be good doctors . You possess a sense of direction and potential to create beauty and harmony. By helping others, you are able to create a balance in the universe.

Is Taurus a good zodiac sign for a doctor?

For Taurus natives to be successful in their medical career, these house associations are the real game changers. Venus- (for Medicine) – Venus is thought to have Sanjeevni Vidya (Provided by Lord Shiva) which is the knowledge to cure Dead Persons. Thus, Venus also assumes a vital role in turning an individual into a Doctor as per Astrology.

Is orthopedic surgery a good speciality for a Taurus?

Taurus’ physicality might make orthopedic surgery a good speciality. As the leader in the OR, Taurus’ ability to maintain healthy relationships will serve them well. Orthopedic surgery is evolving, incorporating new devices and robotics, and Taurus’ open-mindedness will help him or her stay current while making the best decisions for patients.