How do taurus kiss?

Taurians kiss softly and gently, enjoying every touch and look;
Their kisses can make you see beyond the fights and any difficult times;
The Taurus man is making each and every second of the kiss worth it;
The Taurus woman loves to be courted and to feel desired.

One of the next things we wanted the answer to was, what does a Taurus man like in a kiss?

A Taurus man likes to take his time in everything he does, so he prefers long kisses. Never rush into things with a Taurus man. That said, it’s important to be patient with him. A kiss isn’t just a kiss.

Do Taurus women like kisses?

Once you manage to earn the trust of a Taurean, they will leave no stone unturned to give a perfect kiss. A Taurus woman will kiss only if she feels connected to the man and trusts him. Smooth and sensual kisses are what they prefer, kisses that will leave the opposite person craving for more.

A Taurus lip lock is fine-tuned, seductive and infinitely intimate. Not only are the kissing sequences deliberate and soulfully expressed, but you could easily find yourself drowning in their never-ending abyss. So, if you are a sucker for romance, Taurus knows how to show a girl the moon and the stars, with a single lingering kiss.

Do Taurean cats Kiss?

They kiss only if they are sure of your affection. The kiss usually happens on their turf, which incidentally will be extremely aesthetic. Do not expect the Taurean to take the initiative and if they do – be prepared for an intensity that will leave you dazed.

What is a Taurus man like?

The Taurus man is practical, down to earth and slow in his decisions making. He is not one to be spontaneous or to react quickly when making any decision. He can be incredibly stubborn, but this tends to be more of a strength to the Taurus man rather than a downfall.

Taurus men are loyal and aren’t quick to make decisions, so the likelihood of him waking up one day and leave is slim. Just continue being the amazing woman he fell in love with, and you will keep your Taurus man forever. Have you met an Aries man that has had your heart beating?

Taurus are not clingy by nature because they are actually self-reliant by nature. The stubborn side can come out because they can be set in their routines.

Taurus men like to cling, but it’s not in the romantic way. Similarly to a Taurus woman, Taurus men are a practical clingy. You like to help, and you’ll plod along doing whatever you can to make your partner’s life better.

The Taurus man isn’t known for being a talker. This is one reason the Taurus and Cancer get along so well. Neither of them is a big talker, and they understand this about each other. However, when a Taurus is in love with someone, they will make more effort to communicate with that person.

How to kiss your zodiac sign?

To feel their partner’s plump lips (if they are plump), smell their enticing scent, touch their soft skin and take you in. How to kiss a Taurus: They have to go for the neck to get the feel of your skin and scent at the same time. Gemini takes the fifth spot of the top five best kissers.

This of course begs the question “Are Capricorns good Kissers?”

Our best answer was the only aim of a Capricorn when it comes to a kiss is to please the opposite person. A Capricorn is usually pretty confident and thus their kisses are perfect and flawless. They also have the capability of making their partner feel secured with just one kiss.

Aquarius are ‘too nice‘ Aquarius people have reputation for being kind and considerate which translates in the kissing technique. They often have a hard time letting go of their inhibitions and simply enjoying their make out sessions. Although when Aquarius lets down their wall and starts to feel comfortable they become kissing experts.

When you finally do get to that special moment where you kiss someone that you’re into, you don’t have to hold back anymore. Taurus, you ARE a good kisser (since you hate doing anything less than 100% perfect), so make your move with total confidence, and you’ll be surprised when your partner is super impressed!