Will taurus judge shoot 45 acp?

Taurus Judge dose not shoot 45acp, unless they came out with something new. 45 long colt and.410 shot shells only unless it’s a raging judge that also takes the.454 cas .

Another thing we wanted the answer to was: can taurus judge shoot 45 acp?

The 45 acp has a greater chamber pressure than the 45 colt. The acp round is not recommended by Taurus to the judge. It may be unsafe . There have been reports of people being able to shoot 45 ACP with minimal damage to their pistols. However, this can cause stress on parts that might eventually fail under stress and could result in disaster if it happens during operation of your pistol.

Can you shoot 45 ACP in judges?

The chamber pressure of the 45 acp is higher than the 45 colt.

You could be asking “Can you shoot 45 ACP in a S&W Governor?”

If you want to shoot .45 ACP in that type of gun, buy a S&W Governor. There are going to be head-space issues with .45 ACP, not to mention that the revolvers may not allow you to close the cylinder with the clips in place. You shouldn’t attempt to shoot .45 Auto-Rim in EITHER gun. “The past is another country, he did things differently there.”.

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If the Judge could safely handle the .45 Auto, Taurus would have already said so and removed the only advantage of the Governor over the Judge. If you can find cases, reloading the .45LC is very easy and lead bullets are cheap.

Can a taurus judge shoot 410 slugs?

The Judge models are five-shot revolvers with a lengthened cylinder to accept standard. 410-bore shotgun shells. Judge revolvers will shoot birdshot, buckshot or slugs depending upon the shooter’s needs . The same revolvers will chamber and shoot.

While 410 slugs will fit, they won’t shoot well because the gun is chambered in 45. As far as “special” ammo goes, Federal makes 410 000 buck rounds for pistols that goes for about $0.70 a round. If you want to take it to the range and work on your marksmanship, I’d recommend getting any flavor of 45 LC.

The bottom line is, yes you can shoot any 410 that fits. But I know there is always a but… For close range varmint control any 410 will work . But do not expect any kind of good pattern with bird shot beyond 15 feet. The rifling in the Judge barrel spreads the shot big time.

Is 410 ammo good for a Taurus Judge?

These ammo picks are favored choices by those who own the Taurus Judge. For the most part the .410 shells are not your best self-defense options if you are looking for a terminal load, although the #000 options can be quite damaging (as can the others in close range).

3 Numerous models available. 4 Reliable and powerful. 5 Decent front sight. 6 Reasonably priced. 7 Best for close-quarter self-defense .

These revolvers are based on the Taurus Model 85 frame. They come with a three-inch ported barrel, a Picatinny rail, and were actually made for concealed carry. Plus, there is a polymer option in this series. 2010 brought on the Raging Judge! This is a gun that can chamber .454 Casull as well as .45 Colt and three-inch .410 shotshells .

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Shotgun shells are either filled with birdshot as a 2.5 inch size with various weights, or most buckshot as a 3 inch shell. Most Taurus Judges handle a variety of 2.5 inch shells, but as mentioned, the 6.5 inch barrel model does have 3 inch shell capabilities. The weight of your .45 Colt load will determine the velocity and energy of your round.