Can odin beat a celestial?

In the MCU, Prime Odin is an extremely powerful character, superior to the likes of Surtur, Hela and Infinity War Thor. He is likely almost as powerful as a Celestial, such as Eson the Searcher or Ego the Living Planet .

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, and um, no! Not in the comics, or in the movies, is Odin as powerful as a Celestial. I think we can all agree, Odin in the MCU was a HUGE let down!!! He was portrayed as more “all-wise” than “all-powerful”.

Can a Celestial take on Odin and the Phoenix Force?

And fought the most powerful beings on the earth at that time (including an iteration of Odin, and the Phoenix). Any Celestial that can take on an avatar of the Phoenix Force and any version of Odin at the same time is a heavy hitter!

How powerful is prime Odin?

Let’s compare him to Ego the Living Planet, who is a Celestial. Ego has the power to take over thousands of planets across the universe with his sprouts. His avatar had easily destroyed an entire fleet of spacecrafts. On the other hand, Prime Odin is more powerful than Eternal Flame Surtur and Hela , having defeated them in past fights.

Can galactus beat a celestial?

They seem so dispicable .

Galactus may need to power-up by consuming worlds, but this is a natural part of his biology, and it’s clear that even without special preparation, he’d be more than capable of defeating a single Celestial unless he was already depleted . The Celestials are grave threats on their own.

Another frequently asked query is “What is the difference between Celestials and Galactus?”.

The Celetials are just very powerful and intelligent aliens. ” Galactus can beat the Celestials if he is in full power, Galactus is an eternal god, almost like God, but the Celestials are alien beings with immense power more like the Watchers, Galactus is too powerful for the Celestials to beat (including One-Above-All),.

You could be thinking “Who is stronger Galactus or Tiamut?”

Individually, Galactus is stronger than practically every Celestial , with The Dreaming Celestial, Tiamut and The One Above All (the Celestial, not the deity) being possible exceptions that could defeat Galactus in a one-on-one fight .

This begs the query “How powerful is Galactus in Marvel Comics?”

As one of Marvel Comics’ most powerful entities, Galactus can overwhelm even the gravest threat – including the near-omnipotent Celestials themselves.

Are celestials the strongest?

In the MCU, the Celestials are the strongest beings seen thus far . However, their true strength and where they are now remain a mystery. The Marvel Cinematic Universe is on the cusp of delving deeper into some of the most powerful beings ever, the Celestials.

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The Celestials are among the most powerful beings in the Marvel Universe. Here is a list of the strongest and most powerful Celestials, as they have appeared in the comics. They are going to be ranked from 15 th to 1 st.

Like the gods they serve, celestials are good by nature . Those who follow the path of the righteous have nothing to fear from celestials, but these virtuous servants spell woe unto those who dwell on darker deeds. Here are the eight most powerful celestials of Dungeons and Dragons, ranked.

Yes, when it comes to power, there are those even the mighty Celestials have to bow to. There are always bigger fish in the sea and these 15 characters way more powerful than the Celestials are so big the sea can barely contain them. The Phoenix Force was shown in several of the X-Men movies as a manifestation of Jean Grey’s power.

And the entire troop of Celestials is the greatest force known to exist. But The Beyonder defeated them ALL in an instant, with one single puny attack. Then again, He’s NOT from this Universe. That’s the Dreaming Celestial, probably the second most powerful Celestial there is.