Why is mars exalted in capricorn?

Mars is exalted in Capricorn because the will-power, strength, endurance, courage, discipline, and perseverance of Mars are most effective in the environment of hard-working and disciplined Capricorn. Hence, the traits of Mars are well expressed and supported by Capricorn which provides great success in undertakings.

This is what our research found. Capricorn, the sign in which Mars is exalted, is ruled by Saturn, representing form, structure and what we have established in our lives. Structures that no longer serve us are brought down due to Mars’ influence.

In addition to that, Capricorn is a cardinal sign which signifies action, initiative, and motivation. This is another reason why Mars resonates well in Capciron as this planet is all about action and motivation.

Saturn becomes a guiding planet to Mars in this sign because it governs Capricorn. Therefore, a strong Saturn extends the auspicious results of his combination. If it is undignified, it can decrease beneficial results to some extent.

Mars, as the planet of action, is by itself amplified in the sign of exaltation. What gives more energy to this effect is the 10th and 3rd dispositions which increase their action-taking ability remarkably.

Saturn, which becomes the guiding planet to Mars in the sign of Saturn, can further extend the great results of this already exceptional planetary combination, if well placed.

Why is capricorn an earth sign?

The reason a Capricorn undoubtedly belongs to the earth signs is mainly because they will often be described as the personification of being ‘down to earth’. Capricorns are very goal-oriented people who truly believe actions instead of words reveal a persons’ true character. Earth signs can be identified by their incredible pragmatic way of thinking.

Capricorn is an Earth sign, just like Taurus and Virgo. These signs, as the name suggests, are down to earth. They’re grounded, practical and reliable, and it takes a lot to make them angry. Unlike air signs, earth signs are concerned with the here and now rather than the future.

What are the elements of the Capricorn Zodiac?

People born under the Capricorn sign share their element of Earth with graceful Virgo and rocksteady Taurus. As with other signs of the zodiac, these elemental groupings of Earth, Fire, Wind and Water help astrologers and those studying it break the characteristics of the twelve signs into four distinct groups.

Why is Capricorn the most emotional zodiac sign?

The reason this is very symbolic is, as we have discussed, the fact that Capricorn people separate rationale from feelings. The Capricorn symbol in this regard is to show that the emotional self is hidden beneath the surface of the water. Consider Pisces, a very emotional sign, and one under the water element of the zodiac, represented as a fish.

What zodiac signs are Earth signs?

The Earth element is one of rooting in, crafting, and conserving and is highly connected to the senses. The Earth signs are Capricorn, Taurus, and Virgo.