Are libras intelligent?

Libras are intelligent , they often hide this inside their easygoing exterior. They express their intelligence through creativity, most are involved in some sort of artistic or creative pursuit. Many people overlook just how intelligent a Libra actually is.

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…in fact Libras are one of the most intelligent of all of the zodiac signs and they possess a unique ability to think incredibly critically, rationally and logically… something which often helps them to get ahead in life.

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One article stated that here’s 8 big-fat reasons that you really should think twice before you underestimate or mess with a Libra. Unlike some of the other more fiesty signs of the zodiac Libras are not irrational hot heads and posses the ability to be logical, calculating and patient.

Why are Libras so indecisive?

A Libra’s indecisiveness puts them in tough positions all the time. People start to get frustrated because they can’t choose between things that they like. They follow what they think people want, so when the choice is only their’s, it causes a lot of stress for them. Libras often go above and beyond to please the people in their life .

Why are Libras so awesome?

It’s common knowledge that Libras are wise creatures. But there are also a lot of other awesome things about the Libra zodiac sign that you may not know. So today we present to you 8 reasons why Libras are nothing short of 100% awesome!

It ‘s rare for a Libra to lie to get something for themselves at the expense of others . It’s very hard for the Libra to say something unpleasant bluntly so they tend to slip into a “social lie” aimed at maintaining the quiet life rather than to deal with a potential confrontation.

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Some sources claimed here are 7 best traits of a Libra. Libras have a great intellect. They’re smart, tactful, and brainy. Because they’re also known for being good-looking, very few acknowledge the great powers of a Libra’s mind. This sign exudes grace and elegance, too.

Why do libras lie?

Libras readily lie to their partners to avoid conflict , and keeping secrets is no big deal when they want a relationship to survive. This may be a tactic to keep a relationship strong, but no relationship is truly stable when it’s built on lies and deception. Libras are also likely to do this with their bosses and coworkers.

This negative behavior is the result of a Libra gift taken to its extreme—the ability to win others over. More than any other Zodiac sign, Libras are people-pleasers and highly tuned in to others.

Libra (September 23 – October 22) Libra is another one of those signs that will stay quiet when something is off. Their sign is represented by the scales, so they’re all about harmony and keeping the peace . “When their sense of balance is being thrown off-kilter, Libras will go silent,” Montúfar says.

Of course, Libras do have negative traits as well. They take forever to make a decision, they avoid confrontation to an excessive degree , and they can carry a grudge better than almost any other sign in the Zodiac.

On the downside, some Libras are moody and introverted . They do have the power to overcome any sort of shortcoming because they’re extremely intelligent, balanced and diplomatic. If you were born between September 21 and October 20, Libra is your zodiac sign. Here are 7 best traits of a Libra. Libras have a great intellect.

Most Libras are quick to put a wall up to protect themselves from insecure, jealous, judgemental, negative, condescending people who attack them. Remember there are THREE sides to every story: yours, theirs, and the TRUTH.

Why is Libra the worst zodiac sign?

Either way, their slacker attitude is definitely one of the reasons why Libra is the worst Zodiac sign. Libras are more likely to respond better to the straightforward conversation though.

What is the Libra zodiac sign known for?

Those of us that a born under the Libra zodiac sign are often known for having logical minds and fair judgement but there’s also a lot more to the Libra sign that many people have no idea about.