Should library be quiet?

Most people understand that libraries are meant to be a quiet place . A meaningful glance in their direction should give them a hint that a lack of silence isn’t appreciated in such an environment. Don’t glare at them or make a mean face. This will only make the situation worse. Be considerate if the loud patron is a child.

A quiet place to read, work or study is a core service libraries should provide . Does that mean the entire library must be silent? Of course not! But a room, a corner, whatever we can carve out?

A frequent inquiry we ran across in our research was “Are silent libraries a thing of the past?”.

Silent libraries are a thing of the past . Libraries reflect their communities, and mine is full of young families. We try to keep things down to a dull roar. It’s a challenge. He can’t just put on headphones? We gave up the quiet rule in 1996 and never looked back. We love our busy, crowded library.

Why was the library so quiet in olden days?

It was quiet because nobody ever used it ! It had refused to change to meet modern needs and had become obsolete. A quiet place to read, work or study is a core service libraries should provide. Does that mean the entire library must be silent?

Should Books with inappropriate content be kept out of libraries?

Keeping books with inappropriate content out of libraries protects kids, but doesn’t stop people from reading those books or prevent authors from writing them .

One answer is, Books should not be banned simply because we have the rights to any books. Banned Books can teach important things about our history. Books that have been banned teach great morals/lesson even with the negative content. Banning Books infringes on people ‘s personal rights.

Students are responsible for only 1% of the banning requests that occur each year.

A frequent question we ran across in our research was “Why are so many books being banned?”.

The vast majority of the reading materials that receive challenges come from parents who disagree with a title’s inclusion on a curriculum list. Public libraries, universities, K-12 schools, and businesses all over the country see attempts to ban books frequently .

Should graphic novels be banned?

Any Inappropriate or non-educational graphic novels, especially manga. Some Books Should Be Banned A big reason that some books should be banned is that of racial issues . Knowledge is dangerous Some books, like the Hitman’s Guide to Contract Killing, should be banned because people can use the book to execute a crime.

What makes a library a good place to study?

Quiet Space : Libraries are quiet spaces with limited distractions. Quiet spaces can help you focus better on the material you are reading or working on. Collaborative: Whether you choose to speak to the people around you during a study break or while you are working, libraries are still social places that bring people together.

Don’t assume your library takes used books — some major library organizations, like the Chicago Public Library system, do not accept unsolicited physical donations. Even if yours does, it might limit collection to annual or seasonal book drives.

You may be thinking “Can I donate used books to the library?”

Many libraries will be happy to accept your books even if the books won’t end up in circulation, as groups like the Friends of the Library can use donated books for their book sales ! So if you want to support the library system while donating used books you no longer need, then check with your local library to see if they accept book donations.

What kind of books can I buy from the library?

The choice of used books is massive – thousands of classic novels and bestsellers, biographies and memoirs, self-help, cookbooks, children’s books, affordable textbooks for school, and out-of-print titles.

By dumping your used books on them, you’re actually creating work for volunteers and making things worse . We talked to librarian Stephanie Anderson, Assistant Director of Selection at Book. Ops (the shared technical services collaboration of New York Public Library and Brooklyn Public Library).