Are geminis evil?

Keep in mind that lying and manipulation might seem bad, but a Gemini doesn’t always have evil motives. In fact, in general, they are not evil people, and they are far from the evilest sign of the zodiac . But if they want to be evil, of course, they can, thanks to their dual personality.

But Gemini often is disliked by others mostly because of their two-faced character . So, it’s quite tough to know what they think of others truly. Every zodiac sign has certain negative side and they are also disliked for some reasons by others. But it has been noticed that Gemini is the most disliked one. Why everybody hates Gemini mostly?

Then, why do people hate Geminis so much?

Well, we love our fun-loving, outspoken, curious and adaptable Geminis, but no matter how great a friend she can be, there are things that just drive all the other zodiac signs totally crazy. So, why do people hate Geminis? Keep reading to find out the things Geminis do that drive people away . She can never make up her mind.

What do geminis like and dislike?

Information on the dislikes of your zodiac sign. Get to know more on Gemini dis-likes on Love, friends, public and personal Life. Geminis dislike routine tasks , jealous friends, long hours at work without any rest.

Is Gemini the worst zodiac sign to marry?

Gemini certainly enjoys love, but because their emotions can be inconsistent, their spouse may face different problems One of the reasons Gemini is the worst zodiac sign is that they often show a lack of consistency. This can be difficult for more consistent individuals to handle .

What are the Gemini bad traits?

Amongst Gemini bad traits, they are naturally flirtatious persons . Although they find it normal to have multiple lovers, their lovers otherwise don’t think so. The thing is: if you go through many cool experiences with a Gemini partner and share a lot of fun together, we assure they will be very loyal.

How smart are Geminis?

We have already established the fact that Geminis are incredibly exciting individuals who love to live their lives to the fullest, but what we have only briefly mentioned is the fact that Geminis are incredibly smart . They value education and they often have a heavy head of knowledge that some people might be quick to over look .

What is a Gemini personality like?

Most Geminis are cheerful, tactful, enthusiastic, versatile, fun and witty social beings. However, all astrological signs can be expressed in positive, negative, or dark ways. Gemini is no different . All Geminis display a duality of sorts.

Lack of consistency: Ask a Gemini to hold on a project for too long and work on it, you may find it was a wrong person to hand the project because 2 2 . Lack of decision making: 5 5. Confused: More items.

Moreover, what does a Gemini Man Like in a woman?

I discovered gemini men like women who are smart, witty, charismatic, and basically have a great deal of knowledge . He isn’t one to go for a woman that is all beauty and no brain. He will naturally be more attracted to the women that can flex their brain rather than their physical appearance.

Are Geminis good in relationships?

Geminis are great when it comes to communicating with their partner. But like any other zodiac sign, they make a couple of mistakes when it comes to love and romance. Being extroverts, Geminis are rather flirty with potential partners . They can talk your ears out – which is just one of the signs that they’re hitting on you .

The most frequent answer is; putting things in a more positive light, Gemini individuals can’t be angry for too long because they’re refusing to make others sad. Also known as the Twins of the Zodiac, they can confuse people when not knowing what’s to be expected.

Brief look at Gemini bad traits in love Talking about Gemini negative traits in love, they are pretty fickle . Since they want to learn many things in life, they often get fluttered by people making them feel like they are missing something. True love might be a very serious thing to a Gemini as they aren’t able to cope with emotional intimacy.