Why are celestial dragons so evil?

The Celestial Dragons are detested by the common people due to their arrogance . They simply believe that they are superior to the rest of the humans because of their lineage. As we have already seen that even if a World Noble is a good person, he won’t be let off by commoners.

Everyone in the world hate them and revile them, but they suffer in silence and try their best not to get involved out of fear of the Marine Admirals. As for the Celestial Dragons, they take this fear for granted and think that they are worth more than everyone else because of the long-past deeds of their distant ancestors.

Celestial Dragons aren’t weak, they are ordinary humans who don’t workout and have average physical abilities unlike pirates and marines. As for the reason they are so feared is because they are the highest authority in the World Government and as such their words are law and their orders are absolute.

Then, why are celestial dragons so important?

The Celestial Dragons are the descendants of the original twenty countries that banded together to beat the Great Kingdom and form the World Government . They are only second to the Five Elders in terms of authority, who hold the highest power within the World Government.

The Celestial Dragons are treated as Gods, and the biggest threat to them is the D., and clan. They are considered to be the “Enemies of Gods.” The reason behind the World Nobles being afraid of the members of the D. Clan is unknown .

What do you know about the Celestial Dragons?

The Celestial Dragons aka World Nobles are connected to the World Government and due to their high connections, they are able to abuse their power. In this post, we shall be discussing ten things that you might not have known about the Celestial Dragons. The World Nobles consider themselves to be different from the common people.

Some have found that most of Celestial Dragons are obsessed of slave trades which is their ” Heavenly Tribute “.

However, the supreme authority is the World Government , which consists of many countries. These countries are spread over the seas. The Celestial Dragons aka World Nobles are connected to the World Government and due to their high connections, they are able to abuse their power.

To refuse a Celestial Dragon any of their rights is punishable by death without trial . Anyone who harms a celestial dragon will be executed by a marine admiral, as well as anyone associated with the assailant. In addition, each nation that is a part of the world government must pay a monthly “heavenly tribute” to the Celestial Dragons.

One of the next things we asked ourselves was what class are the Celestial Dragons in one piece?

One answer is, Elitist Aristocrats The World Nobles , also better known as the Celestial Dragons, are the overarching antagonists of the One Piece series. As the descendants of the founders of the World Government, they are the highest social class in the world and act as the living embodiment of the corruption and hypocrisy the Government poses.